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Fusion Granito being a leading glazed porcelain tiles manufacturer company in Morbi, India has been putting its expertise at the service of the architects, interior designers, decorators, and stylists, setting up itself as the leading manufacturer of glazed porcelain tiles in India. We cater to the world with a wide variety of floor and wall coverings ranging from residential assets to commercial areas thus responding to all the architectural and interior requirements.

Marble effect porcelain tiles made with innovative technologies combine an extraordinary fidelity to natural marble with high performance in terms of resistance to wear, stain resistance, and ease of cleaning and sanitizing with common home detergents.

60x60 CM

Create a feeling of opulence and grandeur in your home with Porcelain Floor Tile. A truly exquisite tile, marble is extremely versatile and it's perfect for grand foyers and elegant living rooms.


Matt Finish


Matt Finish


Matt Finish


Matt Finish


Matt Finish


Matt Finish

60x120 CM

Discover marble-look tile collections inspired by the authentic elegance of natural stone.


Rustic Series


Rustic Series


Rustic Series


Rustic Series


Rustic Series


Rustic Series

Glazed Porcelain Tile Manufacturers in Morbi India

Are you searching for the best-glazed porcelain tiles manufacturers in Morbi India? Glazed porcelain tile is the best choice; it has a glass wear layer that provides a classic to your home, office, or any other area. We are the leading glazed porcelain tile manufacturers always aim to offer the best range of services to our customers. Our tiles manufacturing Fusion is also prominent for offering exceptional quality in the industry. By approaching our company you will get lavishing range of options that also define beauty in the tiles world. Glazed porcelain tile is well known for its sensation as well as attractive design that allows you to transform the look of your home.

We provide production of tiles that also provide a quality standard, vogue, style, etc. First of all, we only offer superior quality products that also allow you to beautify your living area. We are the popular producer and exporter of tile across the world. We are known for leading-edge design as well as excellent quality. In addition to this, our application is versatile at the same time universal. We are highly experienced in producing a wide range of tiles be it glazed vitrified tile, digital wall tile, etc. our tiles are highly popular for their flexibility and durability at the same time our times also have great aesthetic appeal. Even we also produce tiles in varied design that perfectly covers all your needs. Constant innovation, as well as leading-edge design, also defines our approach. So don’t waste your time just approach our company to get best-glazed porcelain tiles at affordable rates.


Who does not want the interior of their houses to look like a palace? Who does not want a royal get up of their residence? Who does not want to draw the attention of their guests towards the highly spent walls? Though most people will deny it or feel shy to agree on the truth, most human beings desire to show off their spending. 


But it would not require much effort to attract people towards your walls or floors or the complete interior of your house if you correctly choose the materials you want to decorate your interior. This article will inform you about the best porcelain tiles brand in India whose products will make your dream home come true. 


Porcelain tiles are in high demand these days. Most modern houses are being decorated with unique designs or porcelain tiles. Its glow and hue are such that it makes the interiors of the house look royal. The decorations are seen as more expensive than they are using porcelain tiles. Since the prevalence of porcelain tiles in the interior decoration of homes, offices, bathrooms, floors, walls, etc., lots of companies have been striving in the market to be the best supplier of porcelain tiles in India and the world. Among them, Fusion Granito is the beast of the porcelain tiles market. They are the best porcelain tiles manufacturer in Morbi, Gujarat. 


Choosing Glazed or unglazed?

If you want to choose the perfect porcelain tile finish, we’ll explain the differences between glazed and unglazed tile, and help you discover which finish is best for your project.

The main difference between the manufacture of glazed and unglazed tiles occurs during the firing process. Both kinds of tiles are created using natural clays and pigments, which are then fired to harden them. This is where the process stops for unglazed tiles, which feature a more natural, rustic look with a textured and matte finish.

Glazed tiles are subjected to a second firing process where they are covered in a protective coating of liquid glass. This protective coating makes the tiles somewhat slick, but also allows them to be printed with a wide variety of designs and colors using inkjet technology.

Modern tile designs include perfect replicas of everything from Carrara marble to aged wood planks, all at a fraction of the cost of the real thing.

Now that you know the difference between glazed and unglazed porcelain tile, how do you know which type is right for your home? The answer can be found by asking yourself how you will be using the space.

Because of their textured finish which gives them extra grip and traction, unglazed tiles are ideal for wet areas and outdoor applications. Unglazed porcelain tile is also perfect for heavily used spaces such as tile flooring in a laundry room. That’s because its matte finish and dense makeup resists scratching and wear.

With options like Beige Sierra Porcelain Wood Look Tile you can go from indoors to outdoors, and from commercial to residential spaces with total ease.

As wonderful as unglazed tiles can be, glazed porcelain tile is actually the more widely used and available of the two styles. This is because there are so many design options offered within glazed porcelain tile, meaning that there's a glazed tile for every design aesthetic.

Glazed tiles are preferable for applications such as kitchen backsplashes, where the tile's smooth, non-porous finish makes clean up a breeze.

The protective coating also protects glazed tile from staining and bacteria. Glazed tiles are typically smoother than unglazed, but they can still have some texture and are not always high-sheen, making them suitable for a wide variety of projects.

Why Choose Fusion Granito For Porcelain Tiles

This brand captures a higher number of customers than any other brand in India. Whenever there is any demand for porcelain tiles in Gujarat and its neighboring states, Fusion Granito is the first choice everywhere. It is the best porcelain tiles manufacturer as it focuses the most on the preferences and satisfaction of the customers. Fusion Granito produces its tiles from high-quality imported raw materials. It never compromises on the materials it uses for manufacturing. Also, it never compromises quality, which is what it is best known for. 


You can also order the porcelain tiles of your desired design or choice as per your wish by contacting the company directly. They will prepare your porcelain tiles as per your demand. Also, you can consult with the experts working with the brand about your preference or your desired design. They will suggest if any additional creativity is required about the particular design you want. The suggestions made by the experts will definitely add wings to the royal decoration of your interior. 


Fusion Granito is well known among consumers for its punctual service. It serves its customers within the time it proposes. If you order your porcelain tiles from the best tiles manufacturer in IndiaFusion Granito, you are surely going to get them delivered fast. 


Consumers consistently demand uniqueness in their products. Keeping this in mind, Fusion Granito produces new models regularly with unique designs and prints. It implements many new innovative skills and ideas in its production. The machinery and tools used in the production house are all rich brands and are all imported from recognized dealers.


Fusion Granito works with the best quality raw materials. Also, the workers and technicians who work with Fusion Granito are all experienced and have passed significant tests. The workers' skills, experience, working abilities, innovative ideas, and perfections are checked before they are recruited into the company. The selection process of the technicians is also a challenging test of prudence. This makes Fusion Granito the best porcelain tiles producer in Morbi, Gujarat.  


Others Tiles:


Why should you choose Fusion Granito?


Like all other satisfied customers, you should choose Fusion Granito over the other brands for the following reasons:


  • Produces porcelain tiles with high-quality raw materials.
  • Uses imported machinery in its production.
  • No unnecessary addition to the price of the products.
  • Supplies porcelain tiles at a very reasonable price.
  • Applies environment-friendly process in its production. 
  • Produces premium quality products.
  • Fast delivery of ordered products
  • Facility to consult the experts in case of ordering porcelain tiles of personal choice.
  • Well polished products.
  • Good quality finishing. 
  • The products of Fusion Granito are long-lasting. 
  • The massive number of consumers trusts them. 
  • Uniqueness in their production. They implement new innovative ideas in each of their products.


The vision and mission of the brand

Fusion Granito stepped into the porcelain tiles market with an oath to supply premium quality products to customers at a very reasonable price. The price-quality compatibility of the products of this brand has satisfied lots of customers all over the globe. The satisfaction of its customers is the most crucial mission of the brand. It is devoted to the service of the people who believe in it. Fusion Granito produces each porcelain tile with excellent finishing, polish, and glazy appearance. You can spot the produce of the Fusion Granito at a glance by looking at their sumptuous texture.


The motto of their production is efficiency and effectiveness. Gradually, this brand is penetrating a more significant number of consumers, widening their sales and beautifying many houses. Purchasing of their products involves the best value for money. It has been fulfilling the client's requirements for decades, making it the best porcelain tiles supplier in India. 

Green thinking of the brand 

Fusion Granito produces porcelain tiles in the greenest way possible. It has been working for the reduction in the pollution of the environment. It uses clean waste disposal techniques. Also, this company replaces Its consumption of non-renewable energy resources with renewable energy resources wherever possible. Therefore, purchasing their products would mean your contribution to the protection of the environment effectively. 




After going through the entire article, we hope you are well aware of the best porcelain tiles manufacturer in Morbi. Being with this particular brand, you can make people notice your investments significantly. Make Fusion Granito your decoration partner and give a royal look to your house with very minimum cost. Believe in the best, to be the best.