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Best Vitrified Ceramic Porcelain Tiles Manufacturers in Morbi India

Modernity Founded by Experience

Fusion Granito being a leading porcelain vitrified tiles manufacturer company in morbi, India has been putting its expertise at the service of the architects, interior designers, decorators and stylists, setting up itself as the leading manufacturer of porcelain vitrified ceramic tiles. We cater to the world with a wide variety of floor and wall coverings ranging from residential assets to commercial areas thus responding to all the architectural and interior requirements.

Largest Exporter of Tiles

World Class Technology

Endless Possibilities





With the state of the art infrastructure, utilizing all manufacturing capacity and capabilities to line up desired result which brings ultimate matching for almost all interior or exterior conceptual design & delivering extra decor and durability.

Elegant & Appealing Glazed & Polished Vitrified flooring solution for your home & Office.

Discover our creations

Surfaces telling urban stories and styling.

Why Fusion Is Best Vitrified Ceramic Porcelain Tiles Manufacturer in Morbi Gujarat India?

Fusion Granito is a company with over 40+ years of experience in the tiles industry that offers Porcelain tiles in India as well as Ceramic Tiles. Fusion Granito is the biggest porcelain tiles manufacturer in Morbi India with Unique Design & Quality. ​Although specializing in commercial project supply, our tiles maintain a vital interest in creating the desired effect for domestic applications.

Fusion Granito manufacturing glazed porcelain tiles and polished glazed porcelain tiles and also manufacturing gres porcelain tile, digital glazed tile, matt porcelain tiles, wooden tile, marble porcelain tile, wood look porcelain tile,Italian porcelain tile, porcelain floor tile, book match porcelain tile,3d flooring tiles, and marble tiles.

As a leading global porcelain tiles manufacturer company, we deliver superior products to our customers with a focus on quality and technology for a better lifestyle.


Highly Equipped

Imported Industrial Machineries from Spain & Italy


Highly Skilled

100+ Employees


Production Capacity

Over 45,000 sq. Mtrs Tiles Per Day


Quality Control

Something we never compromise for and something we are well-known for.


Global Reach

Spread Happiness in More Than 25+ Countries



ISO 9001 2015 Certified and Many More


27 years legacy

Almost 3 decade long legacy of innovations in designing & technology



Our Products are easily available in market as we have Dealers and Distributors across country.

Long lasting collaboration for mutual growth

Honesty, loyalty, and respect for every OEM corporates, Builder, Architects & associated Distributor & dealers.


Overseas Tie ups & importers

We welcome you to visit our factory to review our state of the art production facilities, Quality Control capabilities.


Builder, Architect & Interior

Our team can work on the customized products to fulfill your project requirements with quantity.


Tiles Trader or Wholesaler

If you have a Tile Showroom, or are dealing with tiles in your region. We welcome you to join us as a Dealer or Distributor.

Fusion Is No1 Vitrified Ceramic Tiles Manufacturer Company in Morbi Gujarat India

Fusion Granito is a company with over 40+ years of experience in the tiles industry that offers Porcelain tiles in India as well as Ceramic Tiles. Fusion Granito is the biggest porcelain tiles manufacturer company in Morbi India with Unique Design & Quality. ​

Nowadays, the use of ceramics and tiles has been increasing with leaps and bounds. Almost seventy-five per cent of the residential houses or offices in a city use tiles to add splendour to their appearance. There are numerous brands available worldwide whose chief business product tiles. Hundreds of companies are present in India that compete for enlarging their sale network of tile. So, among these folk, you need to choose wisely. This article will help you make your best choice of tiles to provide you with an incredible experience.

The Best Ceramic Vitrified Tiles Manufacturer Company in India

There are lots of tiles manufacturers in India that provide satisfactory services to their customers. But when we talk about the best, Fusion Granito is at the top. It has been providing a trustworthy service to its customers for decades, making it the first choice of many architects, engineers, interior designers, decorators, and stylists. They never compromise on quality and time. These are the key features of this brand.

Being the best tiles manufacturer in Morbi, Gujarat, it supplies its tiles, ceramics, Marvel, and other products all over India and abroad. A wide variety of floor coverings, wallpapers, stickers, etc., are supplied by them. You can order any services from any part of Gujarat or any part of India, including residential decoration, commercial decoration, banquet hall, restaurant, bars architecture, and so on.


Why choose Us Fusion Granito For Vitrified Ceramic Tiles?

The architects working with this brand come with various innovative ideas to make their works unique. If you have any model or picture in your mind about your required design, you can let the designers know about that. They will suggest if any alterations are required to make your product more attractive. The following are the most important reasons you should choose Fusion Granito over other brands for your best quality tiles, ceramics, etc.










Fusion Granito has over four decades of experience in the tiles industry. It has made its fame all over India in ceramic and porcelain tiles. Though the services it specialize in commercial styles and decorations, it has also captured the domestic decorations market with its fantastic quality products.


Our Tiles Verity

Fusion Granito is well known for producing and selling 

glazed porcelain tiles,polished glazed porcelain tiles,gres porcelain tiledigital glazed porcelain tilematt porcelain tiles, wooden tile, wooden porcelain floor tile,marble porcelain tile,wood look porcelain tile,italian porcelain floor tile,bookmatch porcelain tile,3d flooring tiles,marble tiles,high gloss floor tiles,glossy tiles,stoneware tiles

. You can also order your tiles or ceramics, or Marvels as per your choice. You can discuss with the professionals about your desire. The experts will suggest any add ons to your suggestion to make your decoration more exclusive. Their extreme focus on quality and shine makes them the best tiles manufacturer in India. 



What makes Fusion Granito the Best

The Fusion Granito turned out to be the leading ceramic vitrified tiles manufacturer in India due to its following features:


It works with highly skilled laborers.

The laborers who can work for Fusion Granito have to go through lots of tests. Also, their experiences and previous works are taken into consideration. Only the workers with enough knowledge and dedication are employed in Fusion Granito. So you must not worry about the quality and finishing of your tiles. All the workers who would prepare your tiles are skillful and well trained.


The products for decoration have an artistic touch.

All the products made by the workers of Fusion Granito have an artistic finish in them. The hands of the workers working here are embedded with artistic flavor. All the ceramics, wall paintings, tile fr agments, decorations they create are eye-catching. If you are planning to adorn your office or your house with tiles, ceramics, or marbles, and you want your guests to notice your decorations, you must approach the Fusion Granito without further judgments or Selections. They can provide a better shining finish than any other brand.


Highly equipped

This brand makes the products with all the latest model pieces of machinery. Most of their tools are imported from Italy and Spain. So, you can easily understand the quality of the finished products these expensive and classy machines would produce. The highly equipped workshop created exclusive products.



This brand offers many services. They have vast collections of a variety of products. Also, the array of their styles is versatile. This makes them the best tile manufacturer in Morbi. No other brands can provide such a large number of services as them.


High production capacity

Fusion Granito produces about 45000 sq feet tiles per day. This means they have a huge number of customers. So, you need not collect any customer feedback or review data for trusting the brand. Their daily production quantity speaks about their production quality.


Quality control

The Fusion Granito gives colossal attention to their quality. This is the foremost thing they never compromise for and the foremost thing they are well known for. You can predict from the tremendous amount of production about their service, making them the leading ceramic tile manufacturer in India.


Global reach

Fusion Granito has a considerable market all across the globe. They have satisfied their customers in more than 25 countries. Also, they are planning to open their branches in lots of other countries than India. Such a globally recognized brand can obviously be trusted without any hesitation. They have also achieved the ISO 9001 2015 certificate along with many other certifications.


Networks and experience

Fusion Granito has been leading the ceramics and tiles market for more than 27 years. The key behind their huge success is consistency. It has been serving its customers worldwide with the best of its efforts and the latest design it can produce. The products of Fusion Granito are available in the market in readymade form. Also, you can order your preference by approaching the brand on their official website. You can also contact the dealers and distributors of Fusion Granito, who are scattered all across the country. So, their huge global recognition and long tenure of service made them gather enough idea about the requirements of different types of customers. You do not need to apply much efforts in convincing about your requirement.



So in order to make your dream decoration come true, the easiest and most trustworthy source is Fusion Granito, the best vitrified ceramic tiles manufacturer in morbi, Gujarat,india. Order your desired tiles fast and get them within the deadline. Invest in exposing the royal attire of your residence or commercial building and get applauded by your visitors.